About TuffRock


Volcanoes are powerful earthly formations. When they erupt, the amount of energy that is released from the volcanoes to the air is enormous which is often demonstrated by the huge damage they can cause to the surrounding areas. That is the bad news. The good news is that after the volcanoes gone, they often leave behind special soils in different areas that have high levels of energy to help life begin.


TuffRock invented a revolutionary method to capitalize on that energy. By carefully selecting the right minerals from particular volcanic soils, combining the elements and applying a proprietary technology to enhance their molecular forces, TuffRock conceptualized a range of all natural, powerful, volcanic products for animal health.


TuffRock proceeded to capitalize on this intellectual property and it’s intimate knowledge of volcanic minerals with a view to manufacturing environmentally friendly animal health products. Several years of extensive research & technology development, product development with key industry advisors and test marketing by Steve Hurley and Roger Smith led to the Company, TuffRock Pty Limited being established with Kari Kostamo and John Broadbent in July 2002.


TuffRock’s mission is to research & develop, manufacture and market products that enhance the well being of animals by sourcing high quality volcanic minerals and processing them using its own proprietary technologies. 


TuffRock can be found next door to one of Australia’s best wine regions, Hunter Valley, New South Wales, 2 hours drive north from Sydney and less than 1 hour from the best thoroughbred breeding farms in the Southern Hemisphere. Its products are sold nationwide in Australia and the company is currently in the process of establishing its presence in South East Asia, Middle East, UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA. TuffRock continues to work closely with industry to develop specific applications in various regions.


TuffRock’s core competence is it’s intimate knowledge of Australian volcanic minerals and how to apply them in developing world-class animal health products. The company is focusing on selected areas of veterinary markets particularly in areas where strong absorbing and binding / locking capabilities are required. As an example, TuffRock’s product range includes a natural hygiene bedding additive that has excellent ammonia control and equine rotavirus binding capabilities; other products support normal bowel function, aid digestion & feed conversion, maintain general well being or support both normal physiology and collagen generation to achieve results.


TuffRock’s product range is expanding rapidly. The first product introduced to the markets (in 2002/2003) was a bedding additive for the equine industry called Stable Plus. This quickly became a de facto industry standard in the stables and stallion barns on horse studs in NSW. The product replaced lime due to its strong ammonia absorbing capability, virus and bacteria controlling action and user friendliness. Stable Plus application areas are growing around the world as more focus is given to promoting healthy environments using natural products. It can be used in chicken cages, dog kennels, cat litter, rabbit & guinea pig hutches and also on the bottom of bird cages to help protect animals as well.


In July 2004, TuffRock launched its second product for the horse industry, Foal Plus, being a natural digestive aid for foals and older horses. Foal Plus is an all natural energized volcanic liquid that supports normal bowel function during critical growth phases and is readily accepted with higher application rates during periods of gastric challenges. 500 foals over two years were involved from thoroughbred farms all over the world during the trial phase with over 4,000 applications delivered to date. Foal Plus continues to receive excellent industry acceptance in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Product is available in Australia, Europe, Ireland, Japan, UAE and UK AND after an extensive 12 months trial phase, product is now available in the United States from B.E.T. Labs who are based at the University of Kentucky.


Following this success, in 2005 TuffRock introduced a similar product, Calf Plus, to the cattle and calf markets, customer feedback is excellent and acceptance as standard practice amongst Australian dairy farmers is growing at a rapid rate. Recent trial results in the United States indicate this product will have global market appeal.


In early 2006 TuffRock expanded its range with 2 new products. Firstly a liquid feed additive for horses, Conditioner Plus to support the generation of collagen, digestive health and overall well-being. Secondly TuffRock Poultice, the world’s first energized volcanic poultice which has been described by people in racing & equestrian across three continents as the best product they have seen in their lifetime. Demand outstrips supply for this product so lead times will apply.


In late 2006 TuffRock balanced out it’s range of animal products focusing on the small animal market. Canine Conditioner (similar product to Conditioner Plus) was introduced to the racing and show dog industry and Petit Plus (similar to Foal Plus) was specifically developed for small stomach upsets.


In 2007 TuffRock will release it’s first human product, TuffRock Sports, the world’s first supercharged topical Sports product which is being indicated for immediate use on sporting injuries. Trials results are unbelievably good.


TuffRock now has international patent process underway to protect intellectual property, technology and product formulae.